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MAY 20-23, 2019

Collision is moving to Toronto

Collision, the fastest growing tech conference in North America, is moving to Toronto in 2019. Collision, from the team behind Web Summit, has grown to over 25,000 attendees in five years and will continue that growth in its new Canadian home. Join us in 2019.

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Why Toronto?

The Toronto region ranks as the largest tech sector in Canada and the third largest in North America. The sector employs 401,000 people in 18,000 tech companies, accounting for 15 per cent of all jobs in the Toronto region. The growth of the regional tech sector outpaced that of New York City and San Francisco combined in 2016. Based on that growth rate, Toronto will have more technology jobs than Silicon Valley within two years. Its diverse talent pool is attracting major global players and exciting startups. Toronto is pioneering a new inclusive type of innovation – doing things its own way.

Welcome to Canada, Collision. I'm happy you chose Toronto to host North America's fastest growing tech conference. Collision will bring even more energy and vision to Toronto's tech scene. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

A new wave of Canadian founders are building companies not just out of Canada but all over the world. At the very moment when some countries around the world seem to be shutting their borders, when intolerance is on the rise, Toronto stands for diversity and inclusion. Paddy Cosgrave, CEO, Collision

Collision's decision to move confirms Toronto's status as an important innovation hub in North America and affirms what we already know – that Toronto is building an inclusive type of innovation that brings people together to solve the world's biggest challenges. John Tory, Mayor of Toronto

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Mayor of Toronto welcomes Collision