NEW ORLEANS, MAY 2-4, 2017

"Any product that needs a manual to work is broken."

Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX CEO

AutoTech is the world’s leading gathering for autonomous vehicles, connected cars, drones and the internet of things. AutoTech connects thousands of leading companies, engineers, developers, experts and hobbyists.

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AutoTech is the place to join the revolution redefining how we interact with everyday products. Leaders will share their ideas on how the world is adapting to the new wave of products allowing us remote control over all aspects of our lives.


Attendees will hear from the leaders of the world’s largest car manufacturers building the next generation of vehicles, as well as emerging players who are revolutionising how society gets around.

When will self-driving cars go mainstream?
What will it take for electric cars to fill the roads?
Will cars become connected enough to become the new smartphones?


Robots are now social companions, retail helpers and warehouse organisers. They’re occupying premium places in the home, in the work world and in industries far and wide. Experts in the worlds of robotics and AI will explore the ethical and practical issues dominating the day’s conversation.

How human-like will robots become?
Are limits needed?
What are the best ways to apply machine learning?


Companies that are building drones and the software behind them will demonstrate, explain and debate the growing phenomenon of UAVs. While the use cases increase – from disaster response to space to the entertainment – so do fears that the skies will become oversaturated.

What impact will sense-and-avoid technology have?
Are all drones destined to become autonomous?
What areas will drones disrupt next?


Inside residences, appliances are smarter than ever before, knowing family members to a level never believed possible.
Is it too much? Where do privacy issues come into play?

Just how smart can cities become?
How will smart devices overcome language barriers?
Who owns the data collected by your smart devices?
What impact will a looming platform war have on IoT?


Wearable tech isn’t just watches or wristbands. More than gimmick, if done right, wearables can monitor health conditions and keep track without excessive effort on the part of the user.

How much we can know about our thoughts, behaviors and actions to become better?
Is smart clothing a more ready-to-wear wearable option?
Will tracking go beyond steps taken during a day, whether examining brain activity or nuanced athletic performance?

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