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David Rubin, CMO of The New York Times, reflected on how the publication has changed its approach to how its two main departments – the newsroom and marketing – work together. The New York Times has always focused on telling other people’s stories. It learned to tell its own story […]

mm Ciaran Bruder
Published on March 24, 2023

From developing a line of braille bricks to dropping gender categories on its website, Lego’s marketing strategy is oriented toward diversity, inclusion and community building. A mere 10 years ago, Lego – one of the world’s most recognizable brands – was hurtling toward bankruptcy. In 2022, it was ranked as […]

mm Marie Boran
Published on March 23, 2023

Ditch the resume and forget about the interview: Gen Z has another way of proving its worth as potential employees. In today’s rapidly evolving job market, companies need to understand how to attract and retain the next generation of workers – gen Z. Young members of The Knowledge Society (TKS) […]

mm Marie Boran
Published on March 22, 2023

Programmable therapeutics, automation, and robotics – what will the next era of medicine look like? The next generation of critical drug and vaccine development will be supercharged by advancements in automation and AI, getting breakthroughs in the lab to clinical trials faster than ever before. “How do we take AI […]

mm Matthew Taylor
Published on March 21, 2023

Time’s global head of brand and creative cuts through the noise to give no-nonsense advice on nailing engaging branded content. Most of Graham McDonnell’s role is to help brands understand how to get out of their own way. A lot of the time, people start with good intentions. They can […]

mm Marie Boran
Published on March 16, 2023