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MAY 20-23, 2019

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Collision is no longer a singular conference, but as of 2017 home to many independent conferences. Each with its own stage, schedule, exhibition area, workshops, networking evening events and more.
For example, thousands of digital marketers will fly from more than 150 countries to Collision. PandaConf is their conference within Collision. More than 10,000 SaaS and enterprise buyers and sellers will also be at Collision. Saas Monster is their conference. Both these conferences alone are the largest global gatherings in their respective industries in the world.

Your ticket to Collision is now a ticket to access the many conferences hosted under one roof. At Collision, you can learn about every major industry touched by technology. You can reach and network with the most important decision makers, the most disruptive companies, meet your customers and competitors.
2017 is just the start of a far larger vision for Collision and the conferences on its platform.