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20 Phenomenal Startups Exhibiting at Collide

Dylan Kelly
Published on April 27, 2015

Some Collision attendee tickets still available. Grab yours if you haven’t yet.¬†

Collision is so close. In just over a week, we will be descending upon Downtown Las Vegas. Here are 20¬†more incredible startups exhibiting that you shouldn’t miss while you’re there.  


Alterante allows people to find and share files instantly between trusted devices, eliminating delays due to annoying, slow uploads. What we love about Alterante is that you don’t need to¬†remember where files are located, or need to upload content into the cloud to make it accessible. Files are instantly searchable and accessible from any device – pretty handy.  


Changers believe that a smart idea, dedication, and muscle power (when cycling) can actually accomplish something against climate change. On¬†Changers app, you can¬†choose a transportation type like bike or bus, the app then measures your speed and distance and calculates¬†the CO2 balance of the journey accordingly.¬†The amount of savings or emission is added to your account, and if you’ve saved more CO2 than emitted, you are rewarded with ReCoins. Awesome. changers  


A team of leaders set out in 2012 to democratize accredited investor access to institutional quality investment opportunities. How? By enabling real estate sponsors to effectively engage in online capital formation and investor relations. They recently unveiled a new product platform that enables sponsors to raise capital from their own websites. crowdstreet  


Redbird have been operating civilian drones for three years now. They analyse data acquired by civilian drones to help companies optimize their resources and improve productivity. They provide their customers with a complete fleet of unmanned aircraft and propose solutions in infrastructure networks, construction and agriculture. redbird  


lettrs is a new social messaging app for composing and sharing meaningful communications. It’s received a ton of great press including the BBC commending it for reviving long form communications. You can get creative with themes, stamps, signatures and translate into 80 different languages. This is one to watch, after being awarded the Best Android App of The Next Web.  


HedgeChatter¬†is a Fintech company with a disruptive technology making significant waves in finance. Fundamental and Technical indicators are available to everyone. Without a new data set, most traders and investors work tirelessly to generate subpar gains.¬†HedgeChatter are trying to change this by allowing them¬†to use predictive analytics to gauge intent and upcoming action ahead of trades being made. hedgechatter  

Surprise Rise

SurpriseRide is a budding business that ships a box of childrens activities to parents each month for a subscription fee. Entrepreneurs Donna and Rosy stepped into ABC’s Shark Tank with their idea which had launched in beta form. This e-commerce company has been backed by top tech investors since, and the pair are on a mission to nurture creativity. surprise ride  


Pundit are all about live Q&A talks with Twitter audiences. Their mission is to create organized, meaningful, truly human conversations at a massive scale. What sets Pundit apart? Their network effect, advanced keyword detection and auto replies like a live talk show.    


Finding things to do and people to connect with has never been easier with MyClic. MyClic is the newest innovation in geolocation that allows you to find Clics around you by setting a radius.  You can find people to connect with, local businesses around you, what there is to do for fun or form a private clic with friends.

Swift Shift

Swift Shift was founded in 2012 to give employees visibility to the needs of businesses, allowing them to pick extra work when it’s available. It also enables employees to gain recognition and feedback on a digital media. swiftshift  


Rabbit is about sharing your everyday. It started with an idea: people sharing experiences online from wherever they are. They were named one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Video by Fast Company, and have big plans. Missing your international friends and family? You can now watch Netflix with them. We’re excited to see where these guys take this.  


FirstJob are offering a targeted solution for employers aiming to attract, engage and evaluate the best millennial talent for their entry-level positions. They’ve got some pretty big partners including General Assembly and are a fast-growing network of 1.5 million users. firstjob  


Mashape are trying to make it easy to distribute, monetize and manage cloud APIs. They’re building a marketplace for them, driven by a passionate community of developers. Originally it was “mash” and “shape,” but they happen to find apes adorable. These guys are backed by tier 1 VC firms like Index Ventures and Stanford University. mashape


Since 2005, Medrio has offered eClinical software solutions with CloudEDC ¬†(advanced electronic data capture) and products suitable for studies in all phases and therapeutic areas. ¬†These guys are based in sunny San Francisco and their SaaS product stands out seeing as there’s no programming required and takes only days to set up.  


Tinybeans is an Australia-born digital journal¬†that lets parents keep track of their quick-growing brood with pictures. Photos are uploaded into a calendar-like system, giving a visual way to parents to track photos of their kids. This way, you don’t have to annoy people on Facebook with all your baby photos, but keep the special moments more private amongst close friends and family.  


Zendrive are a group of engineers, data scientists, PhDs, and most of all, drivers. They want to fix driving with the tools they know best: mobile and big data. With these, they’re giving actionable insights to improve driving. This helps on demand fleets scale efficiently. Last year, the company launched ZenFleets after raising $1.5 million from investors like BMW i Ventures and First Round Capital.  


Sherpany say they are¬†the first independent platform that facilitates close, personal and tangible communication between companies, boards of directors and investors.¬†Sherpany Boardroom empowers directors to execute their duties with less stress. It has heaps of handy features like the ability to synchronize meetings. sherpany  


Ziploop’s vision is to create a better shopping experience by providing mobile technologies that facilitate communication between consumers and retailers.¬†Ziploop organizes important shopping info in the cloud so you can access it when you need it.  


Gametime say they are the first platform independent game communicator. You don’t have to get fear of missing out anymore, as the app will notify you when your friends start playing. This app allows you to coordinate with your mates while playing on any platform.  


Once upon a time someone took shampoo in a ziploc bag to the gym, pop¬†went the bag¬†splatting shampoo all over the bag. Squishloc was born and the rest is history.¬†Squishloc are¬†designing a product which will allow customers to carry and store liquids in a convenient and easy-to-squish package. squishloc See you all soon. Last minute attendee tickets on sale, in case you haven’t gotten yours already.