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It’s the best. But we must do better.

mm Paddy Cosgrave
Published on June 7, 2016
“It is the best. Period.” That comment kind of stopped us in our tracks.

Robert Scoble knows his way around tech conferences. A former tech evangelist at Microsoft and journalist at Fast Company, he’s now an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at UploadVr, where he produces some of the most exciting VR-related content around. He’s a bit of a super influencer. “If the tech community were a country, Scoble would be its ambassador,” say VentureBeat.

So when he said that Collision was the best event he’s been to, we couldn’t quite believe it. In a post-event Facebook post, Robert said that Collision was “amazing”. “This is the first conference I will book for 2017,” he said.

It’s great to hear nice things about the events we put on. Here in our Dublin HQ we tend to not focus on the positives of our conferences. We don’t think that mindset is conducive to improving the experiences we bring to those who attend our events.

After an event, one of the first things we’ll do is ask our attendees what they liked, what they didn’t like and how our events could be better.

Going through the results of our Collision startup survey, it seems that a lot of our startups had a good time, just like Robert.

It’s great to hear that 84 percent had a good or very good Collision experience and we were blown away that 89 percent would recommend Collision to a colleague or friend.

Attending any conference is all about the connections you make. Sixty-three percent of our Collision startups had an investor visit their booth, while almost half had a member of the media stop by. Seventy-one percent said that taking an exhibiting booth was either beneficial or very beneficial.

26595488192_f77a222ffd_kCollision startups could preschedule 15-minute meetings with investors as part of our Office Hours scheme

There was also great feedback, beyond the exhibiting startup experience, for our Office Hours and Mentor Hours where hundreds of startups met investors and other influencers for curated sessions.

We carry these surveys out to find out how we can improve. Our events aren’t perfect, we know that, and we’ll be using the feedback we get from our startups to try to make events like Collision, our Hong Kong eventRISE and our flagship Web Summit better.

We’re obsessed with details, so even when two percent of our startups said the event was hard to navigate, we want to know why.

What we love to hear is this sort of thing from Branch Metrics, who have been at Collision, RISE and Web Summit: “The connections we make are enough ROI on their own.”

Or this tweet from startup Arcade City from Collision.

While it’s great to hear about the things you’re doing right, we almost prefer learning about how we can improve. Almost.