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“It changed my life”: Quickfire at Collision with Chris Sacca

mm Eoghan McNeill
Published on April 28, 2016

Chris Sacca did it all at Collision today.

From judging our PITCH competition, to giving two incredible talks on our Startup University and Center stages, to being pitched by just about everyone in the building. We don’t know where he gets the energy.

After his Center Stage talk, we grabbed him for some Collision Quickfire.

He’s no Tom Brady fan.

Chris at Collision today.

What are you most afraid of?

You mean right here? Is there somebody standing behind me?

That my hubris or my bias will get in the way of me missing either the next big investment or the next amazing person who could come into my life.

Who’s the one person in the world who deserves a slap in the face?

Sean Hannity. For just stroking Donald Trump over and over again.

What’s your biggest waste of time?

Twitter. It’s both the best use of time and the worst use of time at the same time.

What’s the best sandwich you’ve ever had?

It’s called the Chicken Madness. It’s at Wisemiller’s Deli in Washington DC, just off the Georgetown campus. They weren’t totally cheap so I used to skip other meals so I could afford the Chicken Madness. Changed my life.

Most inspirational character?

Buckminster Fuller. He was a mathematician, an architect, a poet, a philosopher, an inventor. I don’t think anyone has influenced me more than he has. In terms of my personal life, the most inspiring character was a guy called Warren Miller. He basically invented the ski movie industry. I grew up watching those movies.

They were like church for me. They inspired me to make work/life balance a priority; living outside of the bubble; building great relationships; travelling around the world and being in the outdoors.

Bulls 96/97 or the current Warriors?

Warriors. It’s not even close. Steph Curry is a supernatural being.

Steph versus Lebron?

Steph. There’s never been more versatility in a player.

Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning?

Tom Brady is a sports felon. He’s not an actual criminal felon, but in sports, I consider him a felon.

Jay Z versus Nas?

That’s not even close. One’s Hova.

(Jay likes to call himeself Young Hova.)

Stones versus Beatles?