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Nominate a female entrepreneur + incredible speakers come together

Anna O'Hare
Published on November 19, 2015

Encourage diversity in tech. Nominate a female entrepreneur for a free Collision ticket.

Collision’s Women in Tech initiative is a little step we’re taking to improve the gender ratio in tech. We know that female participation in the tech industry is still a big issue, and it’s one we’d like to tackle, even in a small way.

That’s why we’re offering 10,000 free tickets for female entrepreneurs across all our events.

To nominate a female entrepreneur or an executive who’s thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, all you need to do is fill in this form. It only takes a moment.

Today we are also announcing two incredible speakers coming to Collision.

Cedella Marley – Director – Bob Marley Foundation


Cedella is the daughter of the legend that is Bob Marley and the director of the Bob Marley Foundation. Cedella leads the team in their charity work, including 1Love, a movement dedicated to spreading her father’s positive message.

Shahrzad Rafati – Founder – BroadbandTV


Shahrzad is the founder of BroadbandTV, which links brands with YouTube talent for creative and effective influencer marketing. She’s also one of the most creative people in business, according to Fast Company.

Do you know a female entrepreneur who deserves a free ticket to Collision? Nominate her.