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Dylan Kelly
Published on December 4, 2014

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Facebook, Accel Partners, Wal-Mart, Dell, 21st Century Fox, Apple. What do they all have in common? Jim Breyer has played a part in getting them to where they are now. We’re delighted to announce Jim as Speaker Number 1 of 300+ for Collision 2015 in Downtown Vegas.

So who is Jim Breyer? An investor, social entrepreneur, venture philanthropist and much more – Jim is the Founder/CEO of Breyer Capital, one of the earliest investors in Facebook. Not satisfied with just that – he is also a Partner at Accel Partners.

Top of the pile, Jim has been ranked #1 in Forbes’ Midas List of top technology investors for the past three years running. Fortune also named Jim the smartest investor in technology and one of the 10 smartest people in the tech industry.

Investment wise, several of Jim’s investments have returned over 100 times their cost, and many more have returned over 25 times their cost to investors.

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