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Dylan Kelly
Published on April 20, 2015

Collide exhibiting spots are sold out, but you can still buy a ticket to join us as an attendee. 

As we announced last week, exhibiting spots for Collide sold out. We’re excited to share with you another 11 fantastic startups that will be showcasing their companies at Collision in two weeks time.



Canary is a complete home security system packed into a single device. It adapts to your home over time, and sends intelligent notifications with HD video directly to your smartphone. These guys¬†say that the more you know, the safer you feel. They¬†built this system to help people understand what’s going on in their homes.  


Uepaa is an outdoor safety app that allows you to alert for rescue from anywhere, even with no mobile coverage. They have just released a unique and easy-to-integrate Peer2Peer tool kit for mobile app developers worldwide. This is set to revolutionize app development by putting focus on proximal discovery and marks a paradigm shift for mobile P2P communications from mere GPS location-based to direct and hyperlocal. p2p  


oneID are on our mission to get rid of usernames and passwords. Founded by Silicon Valley visionary and serial entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, oneID wants to replace the username/password digital identity paradigm with an entirely new approach that helps people manage their digital identity across all devices, using public key cryptography instead of shared secrets.

Confidential CC

Confidential CC was born when the co-founders both realized they had a common need – to send an email without a trace. A short time later they set out for this goal. After working hard to confirm the technology, legal and execution were possible, the CCC team took their idea to the next level by striving to provide confidential email and an updated, smart user interface across all systems.  


Narrative is a market leader in wearable cameras and intelligent image analysis. It was founded in Sweden and their Kickstarter campaign set sail in 2012. Narrative reflects what the team strives for: a world where everyone can tell their own story.



Scalus was born out of necessity. They say if you can’t find the software that works for you, make it yourself. That was the approach taken in 2013, when the company was formed to solve the communication, collaboration, and workflow needs of a services company who couldn’t find a worthwhile solution elsewhere.



Rachio believe that people want beautiful, meaningful landscapes and also want them to be sustainable. This requires a unique balance of proper vegetation, landscape architecture, infrastructure and smart controllers. Their smart sprinkler controller is all about intelligent water use, allowing people to manage their water, save money and control from anywhere.


Pigeonly builds solution-driven technology products for underserved communities.¬†To date they’ve launched two products that address and solve communication barriers between inmates and their support network of family and friends. This taps into a $6 Billion market that has mostly went overlooked.  


BitGold’s mission is to make gold accessible and useful in digital payments and secure savings. They’re advancing the digital payments revolution by helping people securely acquire, store, and now spend gold with simplicity. The folks at Bitcoin believe that elemental gold will remain an essential part of natural human cooperation, and is destined to play an important role in the exciting development of digital currency technology.


Funded in 2013, BetterWorks began with the simple, but deeply held goal of helping people feel like they are winning at work. Their¬†enterprise goals platform, based on Goal Science‚ĄĘ thinking, engages, empowers and cross-functionally aligns workers. The team¬†is filled with talent from industry innovators such as Palantir, Adobe, Cisco and



These guys are developing consumer products enabling you to know what’s in your food. Born out of MIT, their founding team decided to build a company to bring clarity and trust back to the dinner table. We love their first product,¬†a portable allergen sensor, allowing you to test your food for gluten before eating it. 6sensorlabs  

Prices increase on Friday for general attendee tickets to Collision, so be sure to get yours before then. See you very soon.