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Three simple ways to perfect your startup deck

Anna O'Hare
Published on March 22, 2016

The Collision Startup Series offers weekly tips for startups. Check back every week in the time leading up to Collision to get a fresh instalment. This week, we have a guide to crafting the perfect deck.

The trusty deck is a startup’s best friend. It can help explain your startup and get others as excited about it as you are. Most importantly, when used in the right way it can impress investors and potentially lead to a life-changing investment.

Why is such an important part of a startup’s toolkit so often thrown together?

Too many startups create the slides off the top of their head and end up with a presentation that lacks structure. Or they think cramming as much information onto the slides is the key to success (spoiler alert: it’s not). So before you come along to a startup event like Collision, spend a little extra time on making sure your deck is the best it can be with these tips.


Less is more

It’s an adage that’s been done to death – but it’s too true not to mention. We live in an age of information overload, so stand out from the noise with a simple deck that only has a few one to five bullet points per slide.

Include the important statistics and figures in your deck but don’t overdo it. Tell a story about how you’ve solved a problem for your customers and use figures sparingly to reinforce the point.

Proof, proof, proof

An innocent typo can make a bigger impact than you might expect. Having spelling and grammatical mistakes looks lazy and shows investors that you’re not interested in the little details. Small mistakes like that can create a negative impression and hinder your chance of securing investment.

Re-read your presentation slides but don’t be too quick to give it the okay. We often read what we think should be there, not what’s actually written. The best trick for overcoming this stumbling block is to simply pass on to a colleague to double-check what you’ve written.

End with a bang

Remember that the last slide can form a lasting impression of your startup, so make it count. Surprise your audience with a jaw-dropping fact about your startup. If you’re a confident enough speaker you could even end on a joke.

Your final slide could lead you to your next opportunity, so make it count.

Go ahead and make some attention-grabbing decks. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.