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MAY 20-23, 2019

Coder? Apply for free tickets for you and a friend

We’re giving away 500 Collision tickets to developers and open source contributors as a small thank you to the open source community. This is your chance to hear from world-leading CTOs, engineers and pioneers.
Open source ticket applications have now closed. General attendee tickets are still available.

What's happening?

We are giving away 1,000 tickets to Collision for open source contributors and their friends. Your ticket will allow you entry to all Collision talks and content, a range of networking events and workshops, our legendary pub crawls and Night Summit events where you can meet the creators you follow and connect with fellow programmers.

Collision is taking place during the same week as the world-famous New Orleans Jazz Fest™.

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How to apply

Rather than relying on chance, we thought it would be fun to weight the chances of winning by open source contributions on GitHub in order to favor frequent contributors to high-impact projects.

This competition will run for a limited time after which all applicants’ contributions on GitHub will be reviewed. Frequent contributors to high-impact projects will have a higher chance of winning.

Please note open source ticket applications have now closed for 2018. You can still by general attendee tickets.

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Discover Collision's 16 conferences