NEW ORLEANS, April 30 - May 3, 2018


“I think life on Earth must be about more than just solving problems... It's got to be something inspiring."

- Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX CEO

The future of the planet is under threat. Does technology have the answers? Planet:tech brings together the world's most innovative startups, business giants, influencers and controversial voices from the fields of sustainability, green and environmental tech, energy efficiency and clean tech.

This conference brings together those who are running the most important planet-focused companies of today with those who are setting the agenda for tomorrow.


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What's Happening?

Planet:tech will provide a global meeting place for technology and the environment.
The world’s leading startups, business giants, innovators and influencers will showcase solutions to our planet’s most pressing problems including climate change and pollution. Sessions will examine the economic and social opportunities stemming from sustainability and green tech and set the agenda for future action

Clean energy

Innovative leaders and groups are trying to propel a major societal change: to move from a reliance on fossil fuels to one built around 100 percent renewables.

What will it take to transition to a low-carbon economy?
How can the biggest oil and gas players across the globe power this shift?
Can new energy companies also help foster a breakthrough?
And what should the world do with its reserves of fossil fuels?

Transport in a green world

The forms of transportation that allow citizens to move from place to place are transforming. From legacy automakers’ fleets to mobility companies’ products, cars, trucks and bikes are rolling out with enhanced features and exciting new form factors.

What’s the role of cutting-edge transport models like HyperLoop?
Are electric vehicles really the solution? What are the alternatives?
So many transportation innovations are framed as moonshots but will they actually come to fruition? And if so, when?

The environment

Protecting the natural world from pollution and degradation is a global concern. No land-based nature can survive without a healthy ocean system. And the planet’s resources are finite.

What is being done to conserve forests and lands around the globe?
In what ways can tech innovation salvage marine ecosystems?
How can the blue economy create jobs and clean up our oceans?

Sustainable products

From phasing out microplastics to incorporating recyclable cardboard, corporations are altering what they sell consumers.

Is being eco-friendly good for business as well as the environment?
What are consumers’ responsibilities in going green?
How can companies create public awareness of these green products?
What’s the future of plastics and other harmful, yet oft-used materials?

Economic models

It’s said that a low-carbon economy has the potential to create the largest economic opportunity in history. Corporations and investors are diving in with financial commitments and by creating dedicated divisions focused on sustainability.

How specifically are tech and business giants using corporate social responsibility and philanthropy to lead meaningful projects? Are these efforts altruistic or pure PR?
What’s the place of impact investing?
In what ways can companies grow sustainably?

It is literally exploding with innovative ideas and products from the tech world's best-of-the-best. Fox News

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Investors attended in droves looking for that gem in the rough, and gems there were. Forbes

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