NEW ORLEANS, MAY 2-4, 2017

Join a Pub Crawl

“The magic began basically after the conference was over, in the evening, when everyone goes to the pubs - it was truly magical”

- Sherpa Capital Co-founder Scott Stanford

Collision is kicking off in between the two weekends of Jazz Fest™. Who will you have a drink with in New Orleans? Join one of our pub crawls and find out.


What are Pub Crawls?

From Monday, May 1, Collision will be taking over the New Orleans nightlife. We'll be taking groups of our attendees on a little tour of the city's liveliest, most atmospheric and most charming pubs and bars.

pub crawl 3

Collision doesn't end each day with the final talk on Centre Stage. Far from it. In fact, we find that some of the most valuable connections our attendees make are forged after hours.

pub crawl 2The Collision night events – where the real networking happens

Pub Crawls kick off in the early evening and run till whenever you decide to call it a night. You might just not want the evening to end.

pub crawl collisionJoin the network at night

Experience the charms of NOLA's jazz bars, have a Sazerac, maybe hit one of the city's nightclubs afterwards. Do it all with the network of founders, CEOs, investors and startups hitting New Orleans for Collision.

pub crawlThere's something special about an evening in New Orleans

Bono, Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk and the Game of Thrones' King Joffrey have all led our Pub Crawls. Who'll lead yours?

The most important meeting you have in 2017 could be held over a drink in New Orleans.


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