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MAY 20-23, 2019

Dining in New Orleans

New Orleans is famous for its soulful character, colorful streets, and delicious southern dishes. Heavily defined by Creole and Cajun influences, the cuisine in New Orleans isn’t just good, it’s historic. While it’s hard to go wrong when dining out in the Big Easy, we thought we’d share some of our favorite haunts.

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Just a few of our New Orleans favorites

Green Goddess

Tucked away off the main street in the French Quarter, Green Goddess serves up local and international dishes in a relaxed, down home atmosphere. The eclectic menu changes often, but vegetarian and vegan options are always present. Goddess was recently featured on USA Today’s “10 Best New Orleans lunch spots for midday feast”. They don’t take reservations, so get there early for a table.

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Ruby Slipper Café

The Ruby Slipper Café is a must-go for authentic Southern cuisine, and with five locations around the city you’re never too far away.

The café was opened to support and rebuild the community after Hurricane Katrina, and has since committed to sustainability through composting and recycling programs, and supporting local businesses by buying locally made products. Their award-winning breakfast and brunch is one not to be missed.

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Named for the first opera performed in New Orleans, Sylvain is a timeless restaurant based in a building as old the United States itself. The menu is full of delicious bistro classics, from hand-rolled pastas to slow-braised pork and game, and hand-ground burgers with the choicest cuts of meat. Sylvain’s menu, like the decor, feels both familiar and brand new.

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Willa Jean

Willa Jean celebrates Southern sensibilities with fresh, local ingredients. Noted as a contemporary bakery, the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails throughout the week, along with brunch on weekends. A popular eatery Willa Jean is seated on a first come, first serve basis so get there early and fuel up for the day ahead.

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Cochon Butcher

Located in a stylish renovated warehouse, Cochon Butcher is part wine bar, part butcher, part sandwich spot. Inspired by the old world meat markets, it serves up delectable pork-focused Cajun fare in a relaxed setting. From the muffaletta to hot boudin, the sausage special and charcuterie platter, all crafting, smoking and curing is done in-house. They don’t accept reservations, so you may have to wait in line for a table, but trust us, it’s worth the wait.

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