MAY 20-23, 2019

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MAY 20-23, 2019


What startups say about exhibiting at Collision

The Collision network has proven incredibly valuable for us. The connections we made with executives and founders while exhibiting and the significant investor face-time made this one of the most strategic experiences for our company.

- Promoter

Attending Collision allowed us to get great exposure to prospective investors for our company. If you are looking to grow your startup's profile, make sure you attend Collision.

- WealthForge

There was so much opportunity for us at Collision. Startups and brands all need great videos and Collision was an amazing place to network.

- Movidiam

The exposure your startup gets at Collision is reason enough to attend. Add in incredible networking and the chance to meet with investors and serious decision makers in global tech, and you’ve got a conference that really is something special.

- Pillsy

Collision put Search Style in front of an international audience. Showcasing to attendees from all over the world really helped us to develop our key concept and improve our strategy going forward. New Orleans ain't bad either!

- Search Style

Investors, C-level executives from the world’s biggest companies and successful founders of companies of all sizes make up the Collision network. Joining that network and exhibiting at Collision has been an amazing experience for us, and led directly to our initial seed funding.

- LeadFerret

Exhibiting at Collision put our startup in front of the best, and most important, people in global tech. I’ve never attended another event where the networking opportunities were so concentrated.

- CoachUp

The networking opportunities at Collision really are something special. You leave with great relationships and also the knowledge that you were part of a like-minded, electric, hub of innovation.

- Plum

Bringing our startup to Collision has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as an early-stage company. An unbelievable atmosphere, all geared towards making unbelievable connections!

- ScreenMeet

Collision brings together, under one roof, just about all the kinds of people from whom your startup will most benefit from meeting. Mark it down in your calendar and see what it can do for your company.

- SOCi

Collision brings together the most important people in every industry that’s been touched by tech. Attending with our startup, Beagle, was truly incredible. We left knowing we’d made connections that gave us immediate value, and most certainly will help drive our business in the coming years.

- Beagle

Attending Collision gave us so much inspiration, determination and drive. On top of that, the networking opportunities were like nothing we’d ever come across before.

- Benchmark

For any early-stage innovative company, getting yourself in front of the international tech audience is absolutely crucial. Collision gives you the chance to do just that.

- Pantoscope Media

At Collision, you’ll learn from a network of some of the biggest names in international tech. In many cases, you’ll also get to make connections with these people. An A+ conference!

- re:3D

I’ve yet to come across a tech conference that gives early-stage companies the same opportunities as Collision. It’s a real must-attend for startups with real ambition.

- Reemo

The networking opportunities at Collision really are something special. If you leave without having forged important new business relationships, you’re doing something wrong!

- BlancLink

Collision was a transformational experience for us, bringing investment, inspiration, and collaboration all together in one place."

- FlipGive

We enjoyed some of the most targeted networking we’ve ever experienced at Collision. It really was something else, and the connections we made with people from all over the world are proving to be invaluable to myLAB Box.

- myLab Box

If you’re thinking about attending one US conference, make sure it’s Collision. The networking on the conference floor and at special night events were like nothing we’ve experienced before."


Attending Collision allowed us to get great exposure for our startup on a truly global platform. If you’re looking to bring your startup to an American tech conference, make sure it’s Collision

- Portfolium

We’ve never experienced an atmosphere quite like Collision. Everything was targeted at helping startups make the most valuable connections. The relationships we began to build at Collision have been brilliant for us

- Tylko

Have your elevator pitch ready to go before you attend Collision – opportunities to get to pitch and talk about your startup to an international network of investors, tech founders, and decision-makers are everywhere.

- Wireless Registry

Founders who are looking for key partners and financing can find it all in one place at Collision.

- TenantCloud

Bring your startup to Collision. You’ll be plugged into a network of investors and key decision makers from the world’s biggest brands.

- ZoomCharts

What some of our attendees say about Collision

Forbes, Huffington Post, USA Today, and more come to Collision

The giants of the web assemble.

- Wall Street Journal

A grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests.

- New York Times

The coolest tech conference on the planet

- BuzzFeed

One of the best shows for up-and-coming startups.

- Recode

Where the tech world meets.

- The Guardian

A confluence of startups, venture capitalists and investors.

- USA Today

Davos for geeks.

- The Guardian

The best technology conference on the planet.

- Forbes

It may be the world’s most millennial meetup

- Wall Street Journal

Collision seems to blend star power with industry stars.

- Ars Technica

The technology and activism focused Collision Conference.

- Politico

Some of the world's best companies exhibit at Collision

Collision Conference was a fantastic opportunity for an organisation of our size to get in front of real companies. Our booth presence there created the opportunity to meet and connect with entrepreneurs from all over the world.

- Alexandria

Collision is a worthwhile place to be, one of the few tech expos highlighting startups and featuring dozens of great speakers. We had many high quality conversations that will generate collaborations beyond the show. We had people at our booth as soon as the doors opened and often for 45 minutes past closing. Definitely a conference we see value in returning to next year.

- Wolfram Research

Collision was a valuable meeting of the minds."

- IBM Design

At Collision, you’ll have the opportunity to put your company centre stage in front of the people who matter in international tech. Exhibiting was a real win for us.

- DigitalOcean

Exhibiting at Collision put our company in front of a diverse audience that included some of the international tech community’s most influential companies. The experience was perfect for us.

- FullContact

From the moment we set up shop at Collision to when we packed up, we had an incredible experience. We were able to build new relationships that we wouldn’t have been able to had we not exhibited.

- Sisense