NEW ORLEANS, April 30 - May 3, 2018

"Hearing 'no' a lot of times usually tells you either you're crazy or you're on the right track, and you don't know which one it is until you finally launch"

- Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger

Hear from our network of CEOs, founders, industry leaders and investors on what’s going to make your startup a success. Learn from the people who've done it all before.


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Explore each stage of building a startup with heavyweight CEOs, founders and investors. Meet the people leading the behemoths of tomorrow and share your startup's story. Startup University features five highly curated tracks.

Starting a Startup

When’s the right time to startup – is it ever perfect? Explore all you need to know before taking the plunge in this dedicated track.

What’s the best way to execute your idea?
What do you need to know when recruiting and building your team?
What are the risks when starting a startup?


In this track learn how and when to approach investors, and whether seeking funding is the best route to take with your startups.

When should you start raising your first round?
What’s the best funding model for your startup?
What are the best approaches when pitching your startup?


Learn how to beat the burn rate in the Scale track. From expanding your team to going after new customers, we’ll help you negotiate startup growing pains.

How do you best manage the growth of your startup?
How should you grow your and customer base?
Slow vs fast scaling: What are the benefits of both?
When should your startup IPO?

Internal and external comms

If you can’t tell your startup’s story, who will? Learn how to tell the world about the company you’re building.

How do you deal with your startup’s press?
What’s the best way to grow your brand?
How do you scale your company’s culture?


Ninety percent of startups fail. In the Competition track, we’ll hear how you can do absolutely everything to tip the odds a little more in your favour.

How do you instil a winning mentality at your startup?
What should you do if your startup fails?
How does a startup exist outside of Silicon Valley?

It is literally exploding with innovative ideas and products from the tech world's best-of-the-best. Fox News

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