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NEW ORLEANS, April 30 - May 3, 2018

Startup? Apply for ALPHA


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What is ALPHA?

Each week we’re selecting early stage startups from around the world to exhibit as part of ALPHA.
If you’re selected for ALPHA you’ll also get 3 tickets, opportunity to access Investor Office Hours, Mentor Hours, Startup University, Startup Workshops, Startup Roundtables and much more all for $895.

The startup experience

You’re joining the world’s most promising and exciting startups as they take their place at Collision alongside the most influential tech founders and CEOs of the 21st century. The people leading the companies of both today and tomorrow. Your ticket gives you access to 13 standalone conferences at the event, each with a specific focus on a given industry from marketing to design, coding to robotics, SaaS to big data and more.

But your Collision experience doesn’t start and end by the stage – far from it. You’ll have a chance to get one-on-one advice from influential investors at Office Hours, join our speakers at Roundtables to talk through the most pressing issues in your industry, and learn from our high-level attendees in curated Workshops. And that’s before we mention our legendary nighttime networking events and personally tailored app. Here’s to a great experience.


You'll fall in love with New Orleans


The world's leading media outlets attend our events

Everywhere you go it’s buzzing and it’s electric Bloomberg

The giants of the web assemble Wall Street Journal

It defines the eco-system The Guardian