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Leading investors, including the Techstars CEO, give their take on where to find tomorrow’s talent. Talent is everywhere, but opportunity not so. Or so the old adage goes. In an age when it’s just as easy to work remotely in Timbuktu as in Toronto, opportunities are similarly limitless for entrepreneurs […]

mm Marie Boran
Published on September 1, 2022

People are getting paid in it, and governments are regulating it. Blockchain technology is officially mainstream. How did that happen and what does it mean? While blockchain enthusiasts have been bullish the past few years, signs of a recent collapse have many re-examining the technology. Nicolas Cary, co-founder and vice […]

mm Marie Boran
Published on August 23, 2022

At only 20 years old, Josh Richards is a TikTok influencer worth millions of dollars. Josh is the fourth highest-earning personality on the platform, according to Forbes, and has a following of 25.6 million. It might seem like a mystery to Gen X and elder millennials that younger social media […]

mm Marie Boran
Published on August 16, 2022

NFTs have been gaining buzz in the sports world as a new way of collecting and trading memorabilia. While NFTs do have some potential benefits, such as providing a more verifiable way to trade items, many experts are sceptical about their long-term value. NFTs are a type of digital asset […]

mm Matthew Taylor
Published on August 10, 2022

What’s the secret to viral marketing? A giant eight-foot tall fuzzy vending machine? A bedazzled melon? A hot tub full of Batmans? Maybe all of the above… Exploding Kittens creator and CEO Elan Lee and game designer Eric Lang talk about their quirky card game’s journey from an unknown Kickstarter […]

mm Ciaran Bruder
Published on August 9, 2022